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[trans] JungMin in Trendy Magazine No. 22


Sexy Charisma Park JungMin’s Taiwan Journey

Even though it has only been about a month since the last interview with JungMin, have you guys been missing our sexy charisma Park who gives his 100-percent love to fans?

Everyone Loves Park JungMin

As one of April’s babies, JungMin spent his birthday in Seoul with a fan party. Not only did he spend his birthday with his fans, he released a song penned especially for fans called, “Like Tears are Falling” (눈물이 흐를만큼). Also, he would be releasing his latest repackage album, “The, Park JungMin”.

Even though Taiwanese fans may be unable to join in the celebration with JungMin in Seoul, all the birthday and well-wishes that fans sent will be warmly felt by him! Also, based on JungMin’s last interview, he would return to see his Taiwanese fans soon! Furthermore, he would stay in Taiwan for an even longer period this time! But before he arrives, Trendy would attempt to ease your longing for him by providing you with a detailed article!

Protruding…. Stomach?

For Trendy’s cover, JungMin stepped into the studio on his first day in Taiwan. Come dinner time, Trendy’s staff prepared delicious food for JungMin and his staff. It would be an unthinkable thought to have JungMin starve – it would cause Green Peas Princesses to worry! Yes, Trendy understands everything.

Seeing a whole table of delicious food, JungMin excitedly and repeatedly exclaimed, “Everything looks SO good!!” However, he does not even attempt to eat anything. Trendy asked him why, and he pointed to his tummy and said in Mandarin, “Protruding… Stomach”. JungMin says that if he eats till he is bloated, the photos taken would not be nice because his tummy would be fuller and more obvious. Therefore, he decided to eat more later in the day, but not while at the photo shoot. Wow! Such professionalism!

(Trendy: JungMin, you are already so thin! Even if you do eat, there isn’t any “tummy” for you to speak of)

Cute Park’s Studio Photo Shoot that was full of Light-hearted Moments

Once JungMin entered the studio, he immediately set to work in a very familiar and comfortable setting. Shots after shots of the handsome JungMin emerged and the photographer was so impressed with his poses that he repeatedly praised JungMin with “Good, good! Excellent!”

JungMin heard the photographer’s comments and he smiled. However, being the cheeky him, he covered his ears and said, “I can’t hear you. Can you say it louder?” The photographer was then obliged to once-again throw out his praises in an even louder voice (almost shouting). Being playful in nature, this happened over and over again throughout the photo shoot, causing the staff to suffer from tired jaws as they laughed along with JungMin and his antics. In the end, all staff was so used to the comments of, “Good, good! Excellent!” that they kept saying it to JungMin as if it’s second nature. Big success to JungMin, the playful one!

Despite horsing around, JungMin is very serious when reviewing the photos taken. It is his wish to choose and present the best to his fans.

The red carrot is a prop! It cannot be eaten!

As JungMin sees the backdrop being changed to a cute one, his playful spirit increased ten-fold! One moment he was kissing the rabbit in the backdrop; one moment he took the rabbit standee and tried to demonstrate certain talents by balancing it on his forehead; one moment he pretended to take a bite out of the rabbit’s ear; even the red carrot prop was not spared!

When the staff tried to stop him from doing further “damage” to the carrot, he pouted and pretended to be angry. However, he burst out laughing not soon after. JungMin lifted the whole atmosphere of the studio and all one could do was to envy the rabbit standee who had a “date” with JungMin.

Next up, cupcakes! And there’s no escape from JungMin for these little pastries! As the photographer was explaining the concept and feel of the shots he is trying to achieve, JungMin (perhaps due to real hunger) took a bite out of the cupcake, leaving his mouth covered by the sweet stuff. Looking very cute, the photographer once again praised JungMin with, “Good, good! Excellent!” and another round of this game ensued.

The Secret to being Park-Linguist – REVEALED!

To learn languages as fast as JungMin, besides having a natural flair for languages, there is actually a need for lots of hard work. Trying to understand every sentence, having the guts to keep pronouncing words and to use the new language often, clarifying and remembering new words, and not letting any opportunities to learn slip by are all JungMin’s secret to learning languages fast. Trendy believes that JungMin’s hard work in trying to connect with fans (by learning his fans’ spoken language) can be felt by everyone. Due to his loving intentions, how can anyone not come to love him after seeing all the hard work he has put in!

A Relationship which the Whole World Knows?

JungMin and Ken (建恆) are old time friends. Thus, he went on to do an interview with Ken on his TV show. Seeing Ken again, JungMin exclaimed: “The two of us – it is a relationship that the whole world knows”. Their good relationship can be seen and felt as the two of them were chatting happily throughout and not forgetting to throw in moments of playfulness.

As they were chatting, JungMin and Ken’s “date journey” keeps having items added on to it. It started off with a dinner date, and a drinking session and, somehow it went on to have items like, “non-stop shopping at night markets”, “shopping at 101”… JungMin even wanted Ken to bring him around Taiwan the next time he arrives for his long-stay. JungMin even made a “date” to travel to a tropical climate island to rest and relax.

However~ both JungMin and Ken are two very busy people. It is a questionable quest to even complete all the “dates” they have agreed upon (and the list is still getting longer as they chatted).

JungMin’s wish – to be able to sleep till satisfied

Since they were on the topic of travelling to a tropical island for a holiday, Ken was wondering what JungMin would do if he could go on one right now?

“Sleep till I’m satisfied!” came JungMin’s immediate and honest answer! His reply caused much laughter amongst staff in the room. “And after I have had enough sleep, I would then think about where I want to go for a holiday. However, from May onwards, my aim is to first shop in Taiwan!” It seems like JungMin has already started planning for his Taiwan trip (for filming) in May! During his long stay here in Taiwan, Trendy hopes that he can fulfill his wish of shopping in Taiwan until he is satisfied!

Let’s be Friends (Mickey Huang’s Taiwanese Programme)!

JungMin’s extremely good command of the Chinese language took Mickey Huang (黃子佼) aback even though it was just the first time they saw each other. Mickey could not stop pouring praises on JungMin, even during off-air time.

During the programme, the conversation between the two was lively and interesting (humorous, too). It was also discovered that JungMin has a “Talent for Food” strength in him. This was due to his ability to distinguish between different grades of food purely by the power of his nose – one whiff of the food and he could tell what the ingredients were. JungMin reasoned that perhaps this was due to his mom’s occupation as a nutritionist and he has thus been growing up in such an environment that he seasoned to become a person sensitive to food stuff. In addition, JungMin revealed that he will don the chef’s apron and cook whenever he has the time. His best dishes are Kimchi fried rice and spaghetti.

Also, when tasting the food presented to him during the programme, JungMin did not indulge in eating but remembered to take spoonfuls of the food and fed them to the host (as well as his translator). However, JungMin did not take ‘no’ for an answer as he fed Mickey even when Mickey was talking, resulting in Mickey’s confused reaction (he found this insistent gesture of JungMin both hilarious and maddening at the same time?) Still, this considerate action of “Thoughtful Park” immediately won over the host’s heart at their very first meeting! JungMin really lives up to his name of being very thoughtful and considerate to others!

JungMin’s Mother is in His Bag?

There was a sudden inspection of the contents of JungMin’s bag during the programme! JungMin’s huge bag seemingly carried everything you can think of! Besides his basic necessities like wallet, headwear and sunglasses, there were also ear-plugs, eye-masks (for sleeping) and even his Learn-Mandarin textbook! Hand cream, vitamins, letters and gifts from fans… these were also found in his bag. Since there were so many items, it is no wonder he needs to carry such a huge bag around.

Watching JungMin take out every item one-by-one, Mickey was dazed by the seemingly never-ending amount of stuff inside JungMin’s bag. It was to the extent of causing him to make the following comment to tease JungMin: “Did you pack your mom inside too?” It was to everyone’s surprise when JungMin responded by shouting into his bag, saying, “Mom! It’s been hard on you! Just a while more, and then you can come out!” This caused such a major uproar within the recording venue that recording was almost stopped! (The cameramen and staff were laughing to the extent of rolling on the floor)

A Gift, too?

After the laughter stopped, Mickey gave JungMin gifts that were specially prepared for JungMin – a hat and bedroom slippers, both items are of his favourite cartoon character, Doraemon. Upon receiving these gifts, JungMin was so happy, he immediately put on the Doraemon hat and said that, “With these two items, I will never be cold again!” In fact, he like them so much, he quickly packed them into his bag, looking almost like an ultra satisfied (extremely cute) little kid!

Even though only meeting for the first time, JungMin hit it off with Mickey so well that he wanted to pack Mickey into his bag as well. At first, Mickey protested with, “Hey, I am not a gift!” when JungMin tried to stuff him into his bag. However, not soon later, he relented and even joked, “There’s not much space inside here! JungMin’s mom is inside too! Too little room!” This little playful game caused an outburst of laughter across the room.

Every day, Green Peas Princesses are always there for JungMin

As the first of SS501 to produce a solo album, one can imagine the amount of expectations and stress being piled onto JungMin’s back. What had been done by five people is now completed by one – himself. JungMin needs to up his efforts to make up for the absence of the other members. To surpass all standards set by SS501 previously is of utmost importance to him, as this period is one which is very crucial to him and to SS501. Behind JungMin’s ever-smiling face and lively personality, he is working extremely hard to achieve the goals he has set for himself.

During his stay in Taiwan, it was not only at the fan meet and fan-signing events where he could feel his fans’ love and support for him. While in Taiwan, he would be able to indulge in the bunny-balloons, drinks, etc, especially prepared for him by Green Peas Princesses every single day! Even though his other friends in SS501 are not with him, Trendy is pretty sure that he is Not Alone because Green Peas Princesses are always there for him!

Come April, JungMin will be releasing his new album. Even though the date for his return to Taiwan is not confirmed, Trendy is pretty sure that he, being “Thoughtful Park”, would not let his fans wait too long! Thus, let us all await his return with much patience!


Scanned by: annieyang + 小金玉@ YOYO501
English translation:
Laura Nah로라 @
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