Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[Announcement] It's Hard to Say GOODBYE !!!


First of all, I want to say my sincere Thank You for all the support, understanding and all the encouraging emails. I know I haven't gone that long since I open this blog,

but it feels
FOREVER when I'm here enjoying my time together with all of you and our boys..

"You guys really gave me so much strength in handling this blog."


To start this, As all you guys know, I've been in the hospital for weeks due to high and low fever. Now I'm at home having some rest and still in the process of recovery.

" Closing this blog which you all know is ♥my #1 place♥ to share happiness and more about our boys is very hard. "

But I have no choice but to do so due to my "Health Condition". My Doctor said I developed an eye sickness due to over used of Computer/Laptop. They said I need to undergo treatment for 6 months.

And so because of that, closing this blog is the only way to do. Since I, Myself only handle this blog, its hard for me to cope up in all the updates at the same time with my eye condition.

Hope you all guys understand my decision. Me, Myself also want to continue blogging that's why I'm looking for someone to take over while I'm in this condition. But since i haven't found any, I choose to close/stop from blogging for safety reasons.

" So for now, I still don't know nor not very sure WHEN, HOW or IF I can go back here and re-open it again for new beginning..
Time will tell .... "


" It's been full of Happiness giving
updates and more !!! "

..for everything..




It's my pleasure to be part of your
..daily doze of SS501..


~ [ I will still be active in my twitter account for some time using my phone.. ^^ Let's have some fun chit chats!! :D ] ~