Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Notice] YoungSaeng as Special Guest in Running Man


This is B2M Entertainment.

YoungSaeng appeared as a special guest in SBS Running Man on 25-Apr.

It was an indoor filming, and it was done under the circumstance that YoungSaeng would not be moving around a lot.

We posted this notice because we think that you are worried if the filming was too harsh on him as he is with a cast and should be resting.

Watch the actual broadcast!! Please check it for yourself through the broadcast.

We will be showing you a surprise photo.
Even though you will feel sad looking at him with a cast, the cast will be taken off very soon.

user posted image

=Additional Schedule on YoungSaeng’s website=
30-Apr : Happy Together recording
04-May : Fun Quiz Club recording
08-May : Running Man broadcast


Credits : young-saeng.com
English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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