Friday, April 29, 2011

[Musical Goong Blog] Kyu Jong playing as Prince Shin?


On 13 Apr the Musical GOONG official photoshoot was carried out in Seoul.

Staged for the 1st time in Kyoto starring Kim Kyu Jong as the lead actor, Musical actress Kwak Sun Young continuing the Korean version of the Musical GOONG and being lead actress again did their photoshoot together.

Start of News Report

Kyu Jong wore a beige suit which exudes extravagance, which match the role in his musical debut. (Reference Photo)

This time, Kyu Jong will be acting the character of Prince Shin.
And this is the same role which TVXQ Yunho acted in the Korean version of Musical GOONG

Q: How would the role of Prince Shin character be in Kyoto performance?
Kyu: The Prince Shin which Yunho sunbae has acted is a very charismatic and masculine kinda style, for me I want to show a very easy-going and gentle style.

Q: Usually what is the difference between the character of Kyu Jong and Prince Shin?
Kyu: I am a person who doesn’t speak much, thus not very easy to really chat with other people. Prince Shin is totally opposite of me! Will work hard on stage to withdraw from my real self to play this character! (smile)

Believe it will be very fast we can see a different side of Kyu Jong in this new Japanese version of Musical GOONG

Omitted some other parts…


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