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Fact or Rumor??? The Reason behind SS501 contract issue.

Words that Mal had Personally Told TWTS
2010.06.29 23:04

Mal and Baby had first signed with DSP.
It was only at the 5th anniversary
that the five learnt that DSP didn't want to sign Kyu.
There's no way SS501 could continue.

Hyun Joong requested that DSP sign with Kyu first before his signing the contract, but DSP refused.

Hyun Joong recommended that Kyu goes to YG.
So turned out everyone had to sign with different companies
and come next year, the various companies to collaborate for them to release an album.

YS and Kyu are currently in Japan.
YS is negotiating the OST of some drama,
Kyu is in discussion with YG.

Mal had said this (same thing) to TS on the plane three times
that the five of them will release an album next year,
The reason why Hyun Joong signs with another company is to protect the other four, to protect SS501, and to protect the fans.

Coz DSP refused to sign with Kyu, so Hyun Joong's helping Kyu to sign with YG, and Hyun Joong wanted DSP to sign with Kyu by threatening to sign with another agency.

Mal and Baby had initially thought everyone would be renewing their contracts, so they had gone on ahead and signed first.

Mal further said.... they would be separated for this year...
but next year, they will continue to work together through different companies

YS also said something like that....
that the five of them will continue on like this year after year...
the interpretation is that they would be working together again next year.
Coz so long as they're missing just one member, that signifies the splitting up of SS501..

so Hyun Joong surfaced first to face everything.

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well, its up to you guys on how you will understand & find the answers on whats really going on between SS501 & DSP. Those who are leaving hurtful message, pointing hands & blaming Leader for his decision should be apologizing now. " The reason why Hyun Joong signs with another company is to protect the other four, to protect SS501, and to protect the fans."

DSP said that they won't be signing with KYU?? MAny questions came into my mind. Whats there reason on not signing with KYU? does he not yet proven himself & his talent well enough after this 5 years?? does he not still deserve to be with the group?? After this years & knowing that SS501 members is being so loyal to DSP, yet they choose to do things like this to the members??

Are they not so thankful that SS501 makes a successful career under them despite those poor managing of careers & very poor marketing strategy?? Im not blaming DSP b'cause of not signing contract with KYU, but b'cause this is what DSP is. They really suck in everything. its the truth & its really are. Many have notice it that SS501 really not deserved to be with that company.

Now i understand why leader choose to sign with another company. We know leader so much, that when he said something seriousLy, he will definitely do it. He choose this & that to protect the members especially KYU.

Blame is being put on leader's name, but can't you guys see what DSP did to our boys?? Leader does not deserved those hurtful comments. DSP has the problem & not our boys!!. Just think of what leader said "THERE WILL BE NO OFFICIAL DISBANDING OF SS501".


SS501 Kim hyungjun & U-Kiss Ki Bum attended Actor/Singer Park Yong Ha funeraL

Actor Park Yong-ha commits suicide


South Korean actor and singer Park Yong-ha has been found dead at his house in southern Seoul on Wednesday, the police said.

Park’s mother found him lifeless hanging from a cell phone charging cable in his room, according to the police.

After repeatedly saying “I’m sorry” to his family including his father who is suffering from a stomach cancer at around 0:40 a.m., he went into his room, local news reports said.

He earned his fame as a hallyu celebrity through TV drama “Winter Sonata.” Park was particularly popular among fans in Japan and Southeast Asia.

He was also scheduled to play the lead role in upcoming drama “Love Song,” a remake of the film “Chum Mil Mil,” with actress Yoon Eun-hye.



reported earlier today that korean actor and singer Park Yong Ha was found dead at the age of 32.

SS501's Hyung Joon and U-Kiss KiBum were spotted at the funeral to pay their condolences to Yong Ha's family members. Hyung Joon burst into tears at the funeral. Condolences go to Park Yong Ha's family.

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My thoughts regarding the issues !.!.!

I know all of us were having the same feeling right now, so much pain, so down & very sad after reading many news regarding leader signing contract with KEYEAST. But please don't blame or point hand to someone when you still don't know the real story. Don't jump straightly to a conclusion without an official statement from the other members.

This is not the time to complain, not the time to post hurtful comments on DSP website & also not the time to blame anyone else. Its the time for us to unite & show our full support on the chosen decisions. No matter what the decision is, we know that they have hardly think of it & choose it not only to benefit US but also can benefit their future lives & plans.

We know for the fact that they are our idols & we really support & love them, but saying negative comments, blaming someone for this & that really can't help. We are only their fans & our main purpose is to love, support & most importantly TRUST & RESPECT THEIR OWN DECISIONS.

We do not own their lives & decisions, cause at the end, It still their lives that will be mess up upon choosing what the others want for them. Its not us who can say what's better & what's not for them, its not us who can make their future. It still their own lives & have the responsibility to make some decisions & have the right to live it they way they want it.

TRIPLE S really TRUST & BELIEVE them, but some are having this & that regarding the issues.. If you really call yourself a FAN & saying your a TRIPLE S, you should know how to respect them & know your limitations as fan. We can easily say the word "IM A FAN" but its hard to prove it when trials & problems come across our idols.

But despite all that, we know deep in our hearts that we can hold onto the words & promises given by SS501 members for all of us.

HYUNJOONG -->I just want to say again to all our fans that we all shed our tears today not because it’s a sad day but because it’s a day for a new take off. Therefore I want everyone to be happy and smiling. It’s a new beginning for us and I know that all of you will be concern and worry about any false rumors or abusive comments that we might get in the future. But don’t worry and just trust us, because we are SS501.

YOUNGSAENG --> Yes, please keep faith in us. Thank you and I love you all.

KYU JONG --> we will try harder and become a better group to all of our fans. Until the day we become ‘the greatest in the world’, we will continue to run forward so don’t you ever cheat on us. You can still have boyfriends though. (Means that the fans can still have boyfriends but don’t become fans of other singers).

JUNGMIN --> We SS501, especially I have been experiencing tough times until right before this occasion today, but I now believe that I can work everything out from now on. So please keep supporting us and provide us with a bigger power which already is a big help to SS501. Anyways, please keep supporting SS501.

HYUNGJUN --> Don't worry, Five of us will be forever as One. Please stay by our side so we can all be together for 10 years, 20 years or 30 years from now. Thank you!

Now, reading again those words from them really makes on heart feel relieve. If your truly a FAN & proudly call yourself a TRIPLE S, you can barely understand whats the real meaning behind those words.

Remember that we are their greatest power.. They can't be onstage this far without US & they can't really fulfill their dreams becoming a singer without our full 501% support.. ^^

. . . . . . . . . . TRUST & BELIEVE SS501 ONLY . . . . . . . . .

DSP Thailand notice to Triple S regarding the issue

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SS501 Destination Album - Taiwan Edition Signature Card

Let's take some break. Please don't worry that much, don't jump into conclusion without having the official statement from the other members.. TRUST & BELIEVE is the best way to give to our boys.. And also its indicated & said directly from leader that there will be no official disbanding of SS501. we still have them.. ^^ cheer up TS

Paper Bag



-- KYU JONG --



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With Kim hyunjoong signing contract w/ KEYEAST, SS501 still will not disband

Kim HyunJoong has signed on to Bae YongJoon's founded agency company KeyEast agency on the 29th, as revealed by Keyeast's representative on the 29th through phone interviews with media presses where DSP was also involved in releasing this batch of news to the presses. Keyeast agency consists of top artistes like Bae Yong Joon, Lee Nayoung, Choi KangHee, Lee Boyoung, Bong TaeGyu, Lee JiAh, Park YeJin, So Yihyun, Hong SuHyun etc.

Keyeast is famous for its know-how tactics in the entertainment world, along with its affiliated company DA (Digital Adventure), it has strong bases for overseas activities especially in Japan, not only that but DATV, a cable channel would also be aiding alongside to help with Kim HyunJoong's all form of promotional activities in various fields.

Keyeast representative Yang Geun-hwan has expressed that they will be approaching with a new step towards this all in order for HyunJoong to display more of his sides as both a singer and as an actor, and this will allow HyunJoong to develop beyond Asia and go towards international.
However, the remaining 4 members of SS501 hasn't yet to decide on their future moves.
For now, Kim HyungJoon will still be doing his job as DJ through SBS' 'Music High', whilst Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park JungMin are taking rests, until then it hasn't been decided for where they would land up in (which agency company etc).

However, there have also been sayings according to some entertainment world sources that in this situation now where Kim HyunJoong has moved to a new agency company, there will be considerations for reformation of the group. With reference to various different contacts with new agency as well as related contacts, SS501's team name may be changed from SS501 to SS401, or even SS301. In particular SS301 would consist of Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJun, the Unit group, which is possibly one of the way out, apart from 'Disband' or 'Survival'.

Another possibility is that, the remaining 4 members could also similarly follow Kim HyunJoong's foottracks and sign on to Keyeast, then SS501's survival could be only possible. But of course in this circumstance, they would have the problem of trademark issues with previous agency DSP media (trademark = SS501 trademark) to settle. Whether or not they will be SS401 or SS501, whether to have 4 members or to have 3 members, or whether to add in any new member, nothing has been decided as of yet. But all of them share the same desire -- which is to stay together as SS501.

For the 'disband' solution, it will be the situation where each member decided to hunt for each's agency company in order to concentrate on each's desired field of interest (ie, acting, singing etc), then it would be inevitable that they would be disbanded. That is the case where the entertainment world and fans would most dreaaaaaaad to see.

Adding on to the 'Unit' solution, even if they were to remain in DSP agency, SS501 would survive even if without Kim HyunJoong, in that case, they would then show up as a unit group. But if SS501, without Kim HyunJoong, decides to move to a brand new agency company, then at that time there would also be another possiblity which we cannot rule out of -- which will be the brand new SS501's rebirth.

However through all of these, as much as SS501's future moves and Kim HyunJoong's future moves have attracted about huge attention from everywhere, it was revealed in an exclusive footage by Sports Korea where they made a special discovery that "there will be no official disbanding of SS501".

According to Sports Korea, this was revealed by Kim HyunJoong himself. Despite all the rumours flowing around these days, Kim HyunJoong is obviously aware of it all but yet disclosed to a close friend recently that there will be no official disbanding of SS501. A related close personnel said, "HyunJoong is especially facing alot of perturbance and worrying for his career this year, with the contract issues and such. As far as consideration for his future moves will be seriously pondered over for, he actually at once stated out his basic and firm stand that SS501 will not have any official disbanding. He actually said this really recently. No matter what kind of situation it may be (whatever agency comp it may be), SS501 will remain as what they are".

Though having said that, of course there are also other downside possibilities -- the awkwardness in decision making that they face. If they were to follow after Shinhwa's case and with all members moving to the same agency company, though it is not much of an issue, but in this current generation now, chances might be slim. If they were to follow after GOD's case, with each member moving to other agency companies and carrying out temporary activities, chances might seem to be higher that way.

What's most important would have to be whether or not Kim HyunJoong's current agency KeyEast would be able to ensure SS501's future interests, and this is also what other members is concerned about. Even if the desire of every member to stay together with one another is very strong because it really is, but to have to carry out united projects together, there must be a strong communication bond built between the agency company and the group itself. But according to the words of many showbiz insiders, they have said that the remaining 4 members are currently in serious consideration of seeking out other agency companies instead. Though chances that the remaining 4 move into a new company, they will still nonetheless stay as SS501 as one.

Having said much to that, with regards to Kim HyunJoong's newly recruitment into Keyeast, fans appear to be very much appalled yet given mostly positive responses, stating it's a "good agency". However Kim HyunJoong's desire for the group to still be alive and his statement of "no official disbanding" is very much awaiting to be heard of. Fans have been really concerned about the future moves of SS501 and the remaining 4 members. For the time being, after Kim HyunJoong has been newly recruited into Keyeast, he is now in an awkward situation of selecting his next work since he has now finished SS501's album promotions.

But did you think he had it easy? It was actually already predicted before today that this decision would be made. Previously before today, Kim HyunJoong and Bae YongJoon were already seen to be meeting up since a long time ago and were often observed to be carrying out small but concise and concentrated talks. Bae YongJoon saw the potential in Kim HyunJoong and so gave several advices to him where Kim HyunJoong looked after to Bae YongJoon as his senior and mentor.

Previously during Kim HyunJoong's 'Love Ya' activities promotional period, it was actually really decided about his recruitment into Keyeast, but due to some differences in his contract fee, they didn't make it official as yet. The reason why he took so long to decide was all due to his loyalty to DSP media, right till the end he was still considering seriously about loyalty to DSP media, until he was able to fully make up his heart for a decision, it was the reason why he took so long to consider.

However, one may wonder about the reasons why Kim Hyun Joong chose Keyeast.
The first and foremost reason is because of his faith in Bae Yong Joon and the agency company itself. Kim HyunJoong had even to the extend of having the nickname of Little Yonsama, and since both of them look so alike, they even strike more similarities with each other especially with the common status as a Hanryu star. While doing a Hanryu event in Japan, both of them had already shared brief moments with each other, what they talked about was with regards to their career in the showbiz circle. Because HyunJoong felt that Keyeast was reliable enough to be depended on, he thus decided for Keyeast agency company. Though the representative of Keyeast agency cannot reveal how much they had signed on with Kim HyunJoong for, but because they both believe in one another, they had signed on to a long-term contract. Where the CEO of Keyeast has taken a mouth of speech, he disclosed that he actually doesn't know how much Kim HyunJoong has received as his contract fee, but he stresses that Keyeast isn't such a company to give millions and billions of heavenly amount just to recruit celebrities that way -- both parties signed on to the contract with the faith that their long-term support towards one another will be greater than the value of money.

Second important reason is that Kim HyunJoong wishes to reinforce his role as an actor. Keyeast company is afterall a resourceful and effective company who has connections business-wise with MD sales as well as in the management and production field. Keyeast is currently in-charge of production for new drama 'Dream High' along with JYP Entertainment run by Park JinYoung. 'Dream High' is a high-budgeted drama that will be internationally acclaimed. It was said that Bae Yong Joon saw the acting potential in Kim HyunJoong more than what he saw in the Kim Hyun Joong as a singer / performer on stage; that was what he told Kim HyunJoong, and Kim HyunJoong strongly felt the same way about himself too, which was also possibly one of the important reason why he had a greater will to sign on with Keyeast. Having said that, with regards to Kim HyunJoong's acting career, he probably have to classify his resume in the acting field as a 'solo activity' category. Yang Geun-hwan representative has said that HyunJoong's next work is currently in midst of discussion, and it seems like HyunJoong will be first starting off his activities in Keyeast as an actor, rather than as a singer.

Last but not least reason, it is because of HyunJoong's desire in wanting to have wider Hanryu activities. Kim HyunJoong isn't just a Hanryu star in Korea, but also throughout Asia. Because Bae Yong Joon is not just a great businessman, but he is also very much highly-acclaimed in the Japan markets, to the extend that he even released many MD sale products like Bae Yong Joon Dosirak, KimChi, Essay album promoting the lovelies of Korea, etc which sold like hot cakes all the time, all these business know-hows could seem to be like a motivation for Kim HyunJoong to want to exceed Bae Yong Joon. Though Kim HyunJoong worried alot about finding the right agency company incorporating all with an effective agency yet one that'd not losing balance with acting etc, he finally decided for Keyeast where his role model is in, and it's all because of his desire in wanting to strike bigger and bigger from there as a celebrity.

Also on the other hand, about Kim HyunJoong's original participation in upcoming October scheduled SBS drama "Athena", a personnel of producer company Taewon Entertainment has revealed that though HyunJoong has the strong will to partake in the drama and though they also made changes just for him, in the end this drama fell through for him, exactly because he hasn't had settled his contract issues, it wouldn't have seeemed appropriate to discuss at that kind of time. Kim Hyung Joon who has left a message on the last 21st of June with the message "Don't worry. Five of us are as one forever" seemed to have directly hinted at a survival of SS501.

DSP media has last but not least expressed that the remaining 4 members are taking their temporary break for the time being and will try to discuss for their future moves from there.
Fans who have expressed their desire of a never-disbanding of SS501 as well as netizens who wishes for SS501 to stay together are very much supportive of SS501's unison in future.

Seems like Kim HyunJoong's new recruitment into Keyeast and SS501's future moves have indeed aroused about a huge wind of concern everywhere.

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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong new “Samsung card” print advertisement

aigoo ~~ Leader is so cute & super handsome.. love that smile.. oh my ^^



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[video] HyungJun @ Incheon back in SeouL

aigoo ~~ i forgot to post the fancam of baby back in seoul.. sorry !! so heres baby, many fancams to come ^^ again miane :)


[Photo] Jungmin back in SeouL

aigoo ~~ so cute. b'cause of his cap that was covering his cute eyes, we can only see his beautiful smile.. But still Jungmin is so handsome.. love it ^^

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"If Jungmin wants to act in Taiwan dramas, he has to first overcome his language barrier"

South Korean boyband SS501's Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun came to Taiwan as prize presenters, but on a personal level, they did not forget about the World cup too, right after presenting the first award, they hogged their television in hotel watching the South Korea match VS Uruguay match, but in the end, the South Korea match failed to win through, to which both of them couldn't help but feel slightly upset. This year's Golden Melody Awards is the first time for JungMin and HyungJun, they find it curious about Taiwan's ecological diversity, after HyungJun knew that A-Mei (taiwanese female singer) achieved the Best Mandarin Female Singer, he jokingly expressed his wish of congratulating her face to face.

Whilst on the other hand, yesterday afternoon, it was seen that only HyungJun returned to Korea solely on his own, and JungMin extended his stay. Previously it was rumoured that he would be invading the Chinese markets on his own, probably he would take this chance in Taiwan to discuss further about more chances of cooperation, he whom secretly made a trip down to Taiwan some months ago, actually went to the night club last saturday (26 Jun) with staff members to have fun which lasted until around 3AM right after finishing the world cup match on the same day itself.

That night after the award presentation, both HyungJun and Jungmin went to Korea's restaurant named "MuJin restaurant" to have dinner, after that they returned speedily to hotel room in order to catch the World cup match, who knows South Korea lost the ball, where both of them exclaimed, "Ahh it's alright, it's been an honour, 4 years later we'll try again"; on the other hand Kim HyungJun congratulates A-Mei for her 6 awards achieved, "Though she doesn't know me, but please help me to convey this message, congratulations for achieving your award!". After hearing Destination selling a total of 12,000 in its first batch, he then left Taiwan satisfyingly.

Whilst Park Jungmin was full of strength. On 26th night after finishing world cup match, he then went to Primo nightclub to have fun, and yesterday, he was out with friends to have meals. With regards to rumours to PJM's participation in Taiwanese idol dramas, producer Angie Chai who took on an interview with China daily TV clarified that "There are no plans currently for that. He doesn't know how to speak Chinese, and I dont know how to speak Korean, previously we ate together was because we had a common friend."

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[news] SS501, 2 handsomes arrive in Taiwan, Interview by fan with fake mic

Invited by Golden Melody Awards, Korean group SS501 members Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun arrives in Taiwan, casually dressed, and was greeted by 400 fans. In order to be upclose and personal to their idols, the fans cracked their brains and came up with various ways. They weren’t supposed to be interviewed, but there were fans who had microphones that had TVBS (a broadcast company) words stuck on it, closing up on them to stop them, luckily they were being stopped by the staffs who saw through the trick. Both of them received presents and will occasionally shake hands with the fans and greeted them.

This time round, the fans were disappointed that not all members of SS501 can be present. Channel [V] “Korean Popular Songs” that will be broadcasted today will have a section on “Comeback Special”, and fans will be able to see all members of SS501 in silver grey suits, singing their new song ‘Love ya’.

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SS501 mysterious guy?????

hehe.. Saengie looks like a little kid playing games on his cellphone.. so cute expression! love it. this set was posted in SS601. not sure when it was taken but some said that it was during their fan meeting & after the inkigayo perf.. aigoo ~~ I really miss this guy.. We haven't heard any news about him after his visit @ TOKTOK.. ahh ~~~

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[news] SS501, Missing 3 Members, Came to Taiwan for Golden Melody Awards

Golden Melody Awards will be held on Saturday, Korean idol group SS501 are originally being invited to perform on stage but due to their contract issues, 3 of the 5 members weren’t able to attend, so their performance had to be cancelled, and the 2 members will be attending as award presenters. They arrived at TaoYuan airport at night, and there are fans that chased them all the way from inside the airport till the members got on to their vehicles.

SS501 members : “Hello, Hello.”

2 of the members from Korean idol group SS501 flew all the way to Taiwan to be the award presenter for Golden Melody Awards. They were surrounded by fans the moment they alight from the plane.

Enthusiastic fans gave gifts and there are even some who followed them closely with a camera on hand to film the whole process. 3 bodyguards and record company’s staffs were on their sides to open up a way for both of them to walk through. SS501 member Park JungMin said “Hello everyone, I am JungMin, Park JungMin. We are SS501, Fighting fighting.”

Cheering in advance for his appearance as an award presenter, they are going to present 2 awards at the Golden Melody Awards, best group and best composer awards. Even though all 5 members couldn’t be present, there are still many fans waiting to welcome them at the airport, the enthusiasm isn’t any lesser because of the absence of 3 members.

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[Photo+video] Jungmin @Taiwan airport back to SeouL

aigoo ~~ Jungmin is so sweet.. he turn his head many times & then wave .. so cute ^^ As fans call his name repeatedly, Jungmin is also turning his head back repeatedly.. hehehe

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