Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Photo+trans] JungMin featured in YES Magazine Vol. 1050


English translation by:

Park Jung Min disclosed he itch to get married!

Many fans expressed their likings for Korean stars, because they are going for the beautiful looks that they are born with, and also all are of young age, able to sing and dance well. Korea popular idol Park Jung Min, during the Easter holidays last week, came to Hong Kong for a few days. During his trip in Hong Kong Park Jung Min displayed his friendliness, besides wearing smiles on his face, even during interviews, activities, performances also did his best, really is the most favorable ex-member of SS501. This Korean star is so well-liked, but he actually wants to be a daddy - getting married and have kids. So early to be in someone's [possession], Fans will definitely not bear the thought of it.

Credit: yes_magazine @ weibo

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