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[11-30-10] SS501 twitter updates ^^


Tweet pic by @my7chan:

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[Fanmade Calendar] Kyu jong & Jungmin 2011 Calendar


wow, at first i thought this is made by a professionals who've been expert in producing lots of products of the bands. But i guess im wrong, cause this was actually made by our very own

love it so much!! weee... TRIPLE S Jjang!!
So proud to be one ^^


* [[ Park JungMin ]] *

Credit: 雪龙天女@PJM Baidu Tieba


* [[ Kim Kyu Jong ]] *

* 1 table calendar, 2pc of sticker labels, 2 photo cards, 1 notebook and 1 wooden seal/stamp *

Credit: KyuStory.com + www.yoyo501.com

[FC Notice] Park JungMin Japan fanclub new plan! Fanclub original program "J’Station" schedule to broadcast


Hi this is Park JungMin fanclub admin

Fanclub original program ‘J’Station’ is sceduled to start broadcast in this year winter.
This program will be created together with fans
Any doubts, queries, requests and etc raised by you, will be personally answered by JungMin. The original mini drama will be included in this program only
Will be broadcast in Korea, Japan and even Taiwan weekly
Please anticipate!!
Now, started to collect everybody’s doubts, queries and requests!!
Create a program happily together with JungMin
Collection method please see the following notice, it will be processed everyday
We anticipate all types of information from all of you

Program of ‘J’station’

* JungMin teacher please help!
JungMin talk about all of your problem which couldn’t be solved, whether in work, love live, or problems in your heart, don’t you want to tell JungMin?

* Teach me JungMin
Big collection of all queries about JungMin!
Come, listen to how JungMin will answer~

* Psychological Test
Nervous nervous, excited excited!! Will have what type of unforeseen result~ Will collect all kinds of Phychological test from all of you!!

* J’story
Do you think JungMin is suitable for this kind of role~ Wish to collect all of your opinions.
This mini section will be based on the mini story from you, and created into a mini drama.


Credits : park-jung-min.com
Chinese translation: 楓落飄邈 @ www.park-jung-min.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com

More new photos of Kim hyunjoong ^^


Credits : blog.daum.net/ds3fan + (reposted from) ss501ode.blogspot.com

[11-30-10] Jungmin Facebook post ^^


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[11-29-10] Prince Youngsaeng twitter updates ^^


haha . He only go online just to reply his 1 friend.. ^^

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