Thursday, April 28, 2011

[04- 25&26 -11] SS501 twitter updates ^^



*JungMin: Byebye! HongKong! I will come again!♪(´ε` )

*musiciankkim: @HyungJun87 Hyung my birthday was on the 23rd..kekeke

*90KKB: @HyungJun87 You grew really well..OTL
*OTL is an internet expression for ‘Desparation / Failure / Breakdown’. It’s showing a person kneeling down in fours and head hanging down. keke..I learnt this in a TV program years ago :P Isn’t it interesting?


*b2ment: Hello this is B2M~~ YoungSaeng’s new photos has been preciously uploaded at the official homepage. Please come and play lots in our twitter and homepage~~~^^

*hyeongjin2: @2kjdream Where~~~?

*parkmaehee: @2kjdream Prawn crackers Goo Goo Cone keke

*hyeongjin2: Kim KyuJong!!!!!!!!! keke Sorry for not able to protect you

*It says Kim KyuJong Fool on the pic

*hyeongjin2: It’s not like this T T Someone who raised a child for 32 months keke KyuJong-ah, I want to say this is not it T T. I will take my revenge, just wait~~~keke

*zakkykim: @2kjdream HyeongJin is quite cute alright? heehee

*mjjoo0326: @2kjdream Please give one of KyuJong’s favorite ~~!!

*KyuJong: @mjjoo0326 heehee Isn’t he cute, Daebak!! keke Today is a rainy day!!~ A day for good music to be lingering in the ears!!

*mjjoo0326: @2kjdream @hyeongjin2 Oppa you’re like an kidult ke hee Look at the cookies kekekeke

*KyuJong: Today is the day I go to office for lesson. Is this Jeon HyeongJin team leader whom I caught on my camera!!! Ooing??! heehee

*b2ment: KyuJong, who come to the office for lessons, is making a phonecall in boss’s room. My camera caught him~~~ I think he is on the phone with YoungSaeng (my guess^^) heehee Will be uploading YoungSaeng’s photo again soon~~ Is everybody ready?


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