Sunday, April 24, 2011

[video] HyunJoong Interview @ 5th Peace Star Cup by MBC Sports


Credit : 501스런하루/

Brief Translation:

wonderrrgirl : Very very brief... of what was exchanged...

Earlier the interviewer was ask about the yellow card Hyun Joong received and why, HJ said it was because as he was heading the ball he accidentally touch it with his hand.

It's true that he said he's not a pro player yet hahaha. (in reply to anonymous) But this is actually in response to the qns asked by the interviewer, who was asking him about his numerous offsides. ^^

Then they were talking about Park Sung Kwan who is on the same team as him. (I think they're talking about how PSK lost or suffered or sth like that) and the interviewer ask about his feelings with regards to that. He said sth like when they're playing they put in their best and (I think) he said they probably won't feel like crying *HJ laughs*

Then he say that Park Sung Kwan works very hard and has given them a lot of laughter (PSK is a gagman ^^) ask him to smile more and that he can do it. ^^

Lastly, he ask us to give him strength for his next match! ^^

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