Thursday, April 28, 2011

[04- 21&22 -11] SS501 twitter updates ^^


*boxjoon: @mystyle1103 Are you okay? I will go visit you later at night~ Anything you want to eat? ^^

*b2ment: This is B2M. We have posted a notice for recruitment of additional FAN STAFF for capital region in YoungSaeng’s official homepage. We hope for interested person to apply for this position as we are recruiting for a replacement of (1 person) elected person who had to step down due to personal reasons.

*dummysama: @HyungJun87 HyungJun-nim, T T You have became the vitamin for radiostar… kekekeke Roar with laughter~


*uh511: @JungMin0403 Didn’t realised you went HongKong? How nice~~

*JungMin: Had one photo from the 1st day~^^*

*JungMin: Bye~*^^* Thai!!!^^ Will come back agagin soon~!

*myjanggun: @JungMin0403 You were in Korea these days?? Went to Thailand?

*JungMin: @myjanggun I am on my way to HongKong from Thailand~!^^* Hyung is also busy right~~ Keep it up!^^

*myjanggun: @JungMin0403 You’re so busy!! Take care of your health!!!!!!!!!

*JungMin: @uh511 I was in Thailand but now going HongKong! heehee

*HyungJun: Successfully finished performance in Thailand, currently taking a rest at the lounge. I had a great time haha. ^^


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