Monday, April 11, 2011

[Photo+trans] YoungSaeng SeriousLy rehearsing for his Comeback by B2Ment


- As April 28 is about to come, B2Ment is happily releasing photos of YS for fans to anticipate & support his solo comeback..

haha. after seeing this photos, i have a feeling that it will have a sexy moves that can kill fans so much.. aigoo ~~ im so excited... REALLY, REALLY EXCITED!!!

Here is the translation of the tweet :

: It's Monday, the start to a lively week~~~ Right now, Heo Youngsaeng is working hard in order to meet everyone. He he. Please look forward to it ^^ The photos are him practicing in the dance room.


Credit: b2ment@twitter
English Trans: Superstarsubs@twitter

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