Friday, April 22, 2011

[News] SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun begs JYP for songs?


SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun earned the nickname of ‘Song beggar’ after earnestly asking J.Y. Park (JYP) for a song.

During the broadcast of MBC “Radio Star”, that aired on April 20th, Kim Hyung Jun revealed, “Every time I go on a broadcast, I always state that I like J.Y. Park. However, I never got a call from him. I even asked for a song through his manager but it seems J.Y. Park only did it with UV.“

About the music video, “Itaewon Freedom” that J.Y. Park appeared in, Kim Hyung Jun stated, “Truthfully, I was mad after I saw that music video. I didn’t receive any songs, but I don’t know why he was featured in UV’s song.”

Through a video message, Kim Hyung Jun pleaded, “Humanely, please just give me one song!” After watching this, MC Kim Hee Chul jokingly stated that Kim Hyung Jun looked like “a new type of song beggar”.

After watching this broadcast, netizens commented, “Kim Hyung Jun is so cute. Now, his nickname is ‘the new song beggar’.” “J.Y. Park! Give him a song please~” “I think Kim Hyung Jun will finally be able to receive a song now”.


Source + Picture: Newsens via Yahoo! Korea
Credit: ektha16 @ Allkpop

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