Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[News] FC MEN to Hold Event to Pick 11 Girls to Accompany Them Onto Field


The group picture of Suwon Blue Wings FC MEN, a team formed of the top idols of Korea such as Kim Junsu and Yun Duzun, has been revealed.

FC MEN is a soccer team of entertainers which was formed last June, with Captain Kim Junsu heading the effort along with the singer/actor Kim Hyunjoong from SS501. Recently, B2ST’s Yun Duzun and Lee Ki Kwang and others have joined, and FC MEN was born into an unstoppable idol army soccer team. They will be officially initiated as Suwon Blue Wings FC MEN on the coming 15th, and plan to act with the aims of advancing the K-league, loving the city of Suwon, and contributing to society.


On the other hand, FC Men, which will have its official initiation ceremony on April 15th, will hold an event that will pick out “11 Accompanying Girls” who will enter together (with the members of FC MEN) on the open game of the 24th. (T/N: The Korean term used here is actually “11 Escort Girls” but I’ve changed it because of the word’s meaning when applied to women. I am sure Korea is unaware T__T).


Source: Newsen
Translation Credit
: JYJ3

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