Friday, April 15, 2011

[Info] ‘Wara Wara THE, PARK JUNGMIN’ Repackage Album (Japanese Version)


All songs from his first mini album “눈물이 흐를 만큼” that was released on April 7 are now re-recorded in Japanese, plus a little of remastering, accompanied with a 40-page photo booklet.

This limited edition album will soon to be released by Sony Music Japan!

Album title:『Wara Wara THE, PARK JUNGMIN』

Release date: 2011 May 25 (Wednesday)

Play list:
01. 涙、流れるほど(日本語)
02. Wara Wara (日本語)
03. NOT ALONE (リマスター・日本語)
04. 君は知ってる?~届かないメッセージ~ (日本語)
05. 毎日クリスマス(日本語)
06. 涙、流れるほど(Inst.)
07. Wara Wara(Inst.)
08. NOT ALONE(Inst.)(リマスター)
09. 君は知ってる?~届かないメッセージ~(Inst.)
10. 毎日クリスマス(Inst.)

01_As tears flow (Japanese Ver.)
02_Wara Wara (Japanese Ver.)
03_Not Alone (Remastered.Japanese Ver.)
04_Do you know? (Japanese Ver.)
05_Everyday is Christmas (Japanese Ver.)
06_As tears flow (Instru.)
07_Wara Wara (Instru.)
08_Not Alone (Instru.)
09_Do you know? (Instru.)
10_Everyday is Christmas (Instru.)


English translation:

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