Monday, April 18, 2011

[04- 16&17 -11] SS501 twitter updates ^^



*Actor_ParkJiBin: @2kjdream kekeke hyung, I am here now to bully YoungSaeng hyung kekeke Weather is good and it’s a weekend, what are you doing hyung~

*KyuJong: @Actor_ParkJiBin JiBin-ah, so you’re bored on a weekend!!!? heehee Shall we go and bully uncle YoungSaeng soon?!! heehee Weather is very good ~~


*YoungSaeng: @2kjdream Tired…

*KyuJong: @parkmaehee Representative-nim~~~!! I watched it on screen heehee Hyung caught my eye straight away?!!!!!!^^

*KyuJong: Learn from the past. Live for today. Have hope for tomorrow. Einstein— Have a good Sunday everyone!! Byong!!!!!!^^~~~~~

*KyuJong: @Actor_ParkJiBin Have you bullied him?!!!!! heehee

*KyuJong: @skullhong Hwaitingtingting!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^


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