Saturday, April 16, 2011

[04- 15 -11] SS501 twitter updates ^^


*woongcha1: @mystyle1103 Wasted~?keke

*YoungSaeng: @woongcha1 ah….- -
*In reply to @woongcha1: Wah~~ Saved all my numbers~~~~~

*b2ment: Registration for Heo YoungSaeng FAN STAFF has ended/Completed 1st round of evaluation for capital region! Please confirm the details as posted in official announcement page in YoungSaeng’s official homepage.

*mjjoo0326: @woongcha1 @mastadoo @2kjdream It’s a long time since we met, I miss you~~~

*Sj861117sj: @mystyle1103 Let’s meet soon!!

*YoungSaeng: @Sj861117sj I also drank beer alone kekekeke depressed~~

*90KKB: Representative Jun is currently resting from his outrageous schedule ke


Credits : xiaochu @

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