Friday, April 15, 2011

[04- 12&13 -11] SS501 twitter updates ^^



*jjjjjin2yo: @mystyle1103 kekeke So now you’re saying that to get the food like this is disgraceful?keke

*YoungSaeng: @jjjjjin2yo Don’t be like that~ He is always talking craps and asking for food!!keke (*not too sure if this is right..)

*jjjjjin2yo: @mystyle1103 @woongcha1 I would be sending kekeke

*woongcha1: @mystyle1103 Don’t send then~~ I also won’t give you clams~~

*KyuJong: @WarrenBONBOO wow..!! Shrek and Tom Cruise…!!!! ㅎㅎ

*YoungSaeng: @woongcha1 Not sending you~~keke
*In reply to @woongcha1: Please send me your phone numbers~Everything was erased-TT

*woongcha1: @2kjdream Quickly send me a text message or somthing~~ – -

*jjjjjin2yo: @2kjdream Oh~~~Kim KyuJong~~~keke Hwaiting~~^^

*WarrenBONBOO: @2kjdream @woongcha1 ChaWoong-ah, when you re-store my number, name me as Tom Cruise will do….

*KyuJong: @woongcha1 ManSae!!

*b2ment: Hello. This is B2M. Kim KyuJong will be undertaking the role of Prince “Lee Shin” in musical which is his first overseas performance in 2011. Please give your utmost support to KyuJong who will be reborn as a musical actor^^

*jjjjjin2yo: @HyungJun87 Me too me too keke See you later kekeke

*Kevinwoo91: @HyungJun87 Hyung~~ We are also at Mtv now ^^

*HyungJun: Weather is at its best. See you at MTV later. HooHa

*Sj861117sj: @mystyle1103 If not, I will go to you

*YoungSaeng: @Sj861117sj kekeke Where are you?

@mystyle1103 YoungSaeng-ah I miss you badly so come to me right now. I will be angry if you don’t come

@Sj861117sj Why erase??ke
*In reply to @Sj861117sj: Anyway the life that I am living for once. Is like not going to be meaningless. That’s really fortunate. Happy. I love you really. Everyone who loves me



*Actor_ParkJiBin: @mystyle1103 Present??? Hyung??????Really??????hurl????

*Actor_ParkJiBin: @mystyle1103 Hyung, I am feeling depressed right now, and when I tried to find out the reason why, it was because if you hyung -,-

*YoungSaeng: @Actor_ParkJiBin I also bought a present too!!
*In reply to @Actor_ParkJiBin: Woah!!! Indeed, my sister is the best kekeke But what is it RT @SSungya: @Actor_ParkJiBin Yah, I bought you a present

*YoungSaeng: @woongcha1 We should go together~~kekekekekekeke

*woongcha1: @mystyle1103 Otter~~I will send and abdandon you at the zoo~ke


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