Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[Photo+Trans] Jung Min’s 1 day Schedule in Japan



박가수님, 신곡…일본어로 맹연습 중입니다. 일본 밴드와 함께요…^^
Singer Park nim, is currently practicing a new Japanese song with the Japan band…. ^^


일본 No.1 라디오 Tokyo FM 출연한 PJM. 일본어, 진짜 잘하는구나… 나도 공부, 다시해야겠다!!
PJM who is in Japan No. 1 radio station FM Tokyo, his Japanese is really good… I think i will need to go and study again!!


바쁜 일정 속에서도 항상 친절하고 웃는 박가수님!! 아사히신문 포함 여러 일본 매체에서 인터뷰 의뢰 폭주!!!
Park Jung Min nim who is always smiling during the busy schedule!! All different types of Japan interview which includes ASAHI News

Last photo is Ranka Chan who fell asleep in the van~ Keke!!



From: marplejang @ twitter
Chinese translation: 为MIN便利店 @ PJM Baidu
English translation + Shared by: ss501chapter.wordpress.com

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