Thursday, May 19, 2011

[05- 17&18 -11] SS501 twitter updates ^^



*90KKB: Piropiro father!!!

*YoungSaeng: @kkangjii Phuket!!!How nice~~keke Thanks~~

*JungMin: This week, 5/19, Jung Min will be attending KBS variety show “Let’s Go Dream Team” in South Korea.

*kkangjii: @mystyle1103 It’s phuket!!! Oppa, I saw your first broadcast!!! Jjang!!! Please have huge success!

*YoungSaeng: @kkangjii Woah~ Where is this??
*in reply @kkangjii : How are U doing?

*Steven_Lee_: Too short…!! but YS did good :) “OUT THE CLUB”

*seanalexander23: Heo Young Saeng @ Inkigayo – “Out The Club”

*JJangNew: Shin & Yul
The throat candy that hyung gave me was the best!!


*onessun: @HyungJun87 HyungJun man!! Come and play at the studio~~~~ It’s only you who don’t come!!!

*HyungJun: Today at 2am too. Let us have an enjoyable time at Kim HyungJun’s Music High! Together at Power FM 107.7~ We’ve prepared viewable radio so please look forward to it

*seanalexander23: Maybe its just for LA

*seanalexander23: Ok maybe not #1 WW but #1 on my phone TT haah

*seanalexander23: :) MISS501 is the #1 TT right now. So cool


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