Saturday, May 14, 2011

[05- 12&13 -11] SS501 twitter updates ^^


*b2ment: (Heo YoungSaeng) Let it go music video was on YOUTUBE’s main spotlight^^ Everyone please see YoungSaeng over at YOUTUBE’s mainpage.

*b2ment: (Heo YoungSaeng) This is B2M. There is a change in the pre-recording of Music Bank tomorrow. Please check the detailed announcement posted in official homepage notice board.

*b2ment: (Heo YoungSaeng) Public broadcast starting with Music Bank tomorrow, attendance checked!

*mastadoo: Please support lots for YoungSaeng’s first broadcast~!!^^ kekeke Hell Ya~!!! Because he is so completely fabulous~!! Of course that’s YoungSaeng~!!

*drewryanscott: RT @Steven_Lee_: @seanalexander23 @drewryanscott did you watch it? >>>holla go watch everyone

*drewryanscott: Pick up the new @mystyle1103 song “Out the Club” done by us @drewryanscott, @seanalexander23 @Steven_Lee_ :))

*b2ment: This is B2M~The first of supporting item for YoungSaeng’s public broadcast! Introducing pearl light green balloons! We will distribute 1 per person to those who are confirmed fans when attending public broadcasts.

*seanalexander23: Watch Young Saeng play @KBSMusicBank on May 13th! :)

*seanalexander23: So who bought the new @mystyle1103 album? :)

*b2ment: Received YoungSaeng’s CD^^Let’s watch the actual broadcast of Happy Together today! See you tomorrow at Music Bank!

*kinolove1124: Please show lots of interests and love for Heo YoungSaeng first mini album!! Heo YoungSaeng Hwaiting!!!AhOh!!!


Heo YoungSaeng – Let It Go (Feat. HyunA of 4Minute)
Gathering all the strength of the Universe Hwaiting~

*skullhong: @2kjdream What is it again that happened!!!!!

*seanalexander23: Buy the @mystyle1103 album today! I worked on “Out the Club” “I’m Broken”

*WarrenBONBOO: @Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 @2kjdream Past the ambitious night, along the silent wee hours of the morning, and the coming bright morning, I have been listening to it. If I like it, the others will like it too… Daebak!!!!

*Steven_Lee_: “Rainy Heart” by @mystyle1103 and @Steven_Lee_ , plus rap by @2kjdream ! Enjoy the album :)

*Steven_Lee_: “Out the Club” by @drewryanscott, @seanalexander23 and @Steven_Lee_

*Steven_Lee_: “I’m Broken” by @OKJOHNHOJOHNHO, @JimmyBurney, @seanalexander23 and @Steven_Lee_

*Steven_Lee_: Lemme introduce great music producers/songwriters who worked with me on this new SS501 YS album. Please follow and support my friends :)

*Steven_Lee_: @seanalexander23 @drewryanscott did you watch it? haha

*90KKB: With the large volume of orders, HnB Company had to be in operation for 24 hours. Do you think that the brothers became labour-dol? We don’t have public holidays too! Sparta!!!

*Actor_ParkJiBin: YoungSaeng hyung finally has his mp3s released!! heeheehee
Please give lots of love for the title song ‘Let it go (feat. HyunA)’! heehee Daebak!!!!!


*parkmaehee: @mystyle1103 YoungSaeng-ah congrats on your first broadcast~~ Have a huge success~!

*3dcolordoobu: Heo YoungSaeng started first broadcast today! I wish for his huge success~Hwaiting^^

*Actor_ParkJiBin: Later at 6pm, YoungSaeng hyung first comeback stage in Music Bank!!! Let’s wait to watch the actual broadcast!!!! Hwaiting~~~~~~~~~~~!!

*PHOTOKARMA: @hyeongjin2 Congratulations, it’s worth while

*mastadoo: Nearly eaten too full to death TT TT Thank you~!

*3dcolordoobu: All of YoungSaeng’s fans, I will eat it well^^

Summer is approaching. Must-have item in order to have a cool summer!!! Please go over to a Hangten shop now~

Star’s look while wearing Hangten’s new character Sesame Street.
Not only Kim HyunJoong, Miss A Suzy, Girls Day, Sistar, etc etc~
Very very cute and lovely look.

*b2ment: (Heo YoungSaeng) Was it yesterday~Madeleine sent packed snacks to the recording of SaeBaKwi ^^ YoungSaeng and the staffs ate everything well~ Thank you.

*eru_Ndrew: btw thoes of u who don’t kno.
@mystyle1103 @welcomtomaworld
Youngsang & J Lim

*hyeongjin2: @mjjoo0326 Listen to a song when that time comes~~~ it will make you feel better. Recommended song is. Heo YoungSaeng’s Let it go~~~^^

*hyeongjin2: Heo YoungSaeng number 1 on Hanteo Chart on first day!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who love and gave encouragements~~ Also thank you to green peas~~~ I hope that you can give even more support to get the 1st place in weekly chart!! I will be supporting it even if I have to sell away my car^^


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