Monday, May 16, 2011

[05- 14&15 -11] SS501 twitter updates ^^



*Brianjoomuzik: @HyungJun87 kekeke embarrassed TT TT about being called “best handsome guy hyung” kekeke But still thanks, my cute dongsaeng-ah~

*HyungJun87: @Brianjoomuzik Hyung has also worked hard too. Best handsome guy hyung^^

*Brianjoomuzik: @Hyungjun87 You’ve worked hard^^ I think it’s been really a long time since we met, missed you

*Brianjoomuzik: Wah~ Woo~ Today at M Super Concert, people living in KwangJu, Block.B fans, Kim HyungJun fans, @sigstyle1023 fans, and of course Brian fans who love me the most, today’s response was very good… Isn’t In My Head nice? ke

*Brianjoomuzik: @mystyle1103 YoungSaeng-ah… Congrats on your comeback^^ Didn’t get to see you after we met by chance at BoAngJu the other time… Hwaiting… Let’s follow each other -Brian hyung-

*seanalexander23: Young Saeng @mystyle1103 “Out The Club” Comeback Stage LIVE co-written by @steven_lee_ @drewryanscott @seanalexander23


*SonJeHoon: Many have asked if KyuJong was in the rice cake shop photo…. try to find…! heeheehee He is~ heehee

*SonJeHoon: Goong actos/actress had our dinner at ShinDang-dong rice cake shop ^^

*mastadoo: Thank you today too~keke I will try it. Strength~~~~kekeke Ah hungry kekekekekekekekeke

*HyungJun87: Finished the performance at Kwangju and eating lunch box on KTX. Fun fun fun^^


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