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[trans] Young Saeng chatting with fans on Yozm by Reena29shadow


Fans:”Please tell me how to slim down”
YS:”You will slim down when you fall sick. Not that asking you to get sick. Health is more important”

Fans:”When was the first time that you cried?”
YS:”The day I was born”

Fans:”Can you shout “Baby~~~” when you grab number 1?”
YS:”If I can remember that when I got number 1″

Fans: “Will you feel lonely working alone? Like HJB and JM will, so I’m worried.”
YS:”Don’t have to worry~~ keke”

Fans”Oppa type something when you are here”
YS:”Haven’t I typed alot? Typed it with my painful hand. Aren’t I cool?”

Fan:”Why didn’t I get any reply no matter how many time I try? Please reply”

Fans:”Shades suits you well”
YS:”I knew it suits me all along”

”Can’t believe I’m leaving msg to u,I’m fan frm Arab. There r many Arabian love you. All e best & congrats”
YS:”That’s a long Eng sentence.”

Fan:”Oppa, why are you so charismatic?”
YS: ”I’m so amazing, what to do~ keke”

Fans:”You are not answering me”
YS:”Answer what!!!!!”

Fans:”Oppa don’t go on diet!!!!!!!!”
YS:”If I don’t go on diet, you want to play with a pig?”

Fans:”Ah hahahahahahaahahhaa”
YS:”Pwah hahahahahahahaha”

Fans:”How does it feel to see fans partnering up members?”

Fans:”Which song you like best in this album?”
YS:”Out The Club!!!”

Fan:”When oppa go on music show, who greeted you first?”
YS:”Infinite, they are very polite. Keke, and also BEAST.. keke”

Fans:”Because I really like you, I went to learn Korean~~ Korean language is very difficult”
YS:”I too feel that Korean is…. Difficult”

Fans:”What is TripleS to Heo Young Saeng?”
YS:”SS501 fans”

Fans:”If oppa come to Ilsan, come see me everyday?!!!!!!!!”
YS:”You…. Who are you!!”

Fans:”Oppa, you are really funny kekekekekeke”
YS:”You are even funnier!! Kekekekeke”

Fans:”Oppa, will you check fans mention(@)??”
YS:”Not often. Once in a while.”

Fans:”I want to see oppa scolding someone for once”
YS:”If I scold anyone, people will screencaps!”

Fans:”Oppa, you seems like you have no energy.”
YS:”You got it right!”

Fans:”Ah… Oppa have girlfriend?? That’s really big news.. kekeke”
YS:”I’m also normal human being…”

Fans:”Do you have plan for solo concert? If yes, who wld be guest?”
YS:”I’ll do it if there’s 10000 ppl attending. Special guest, Triple S!”

Fans:”We are SS501 fans~ We are from Peru! It’s a beautiful place”
YS:”I’m also from a very beautiful place!! Come and play~~ keke”

Fans:”Oppa!! You plan to get married at what age?”
YS:”Not getting married.. “

Fans:”I miss you”
YS:”Go search videos on internet… keke”

Fans:”Oppa, do you know that sometimes I miss you chubby cheek? Where have it gone to?”
YS:”I’ve sucked the chubby cheek in.. keke”

Fans: ”Words for your fans??”
YS: “Been…. Very thankful…”

Fans: “If oppa don’t call my name, I’ll go Hyun Joong oppa~ MiSung~~ Just once will do”
YS: “kekekekekekeke. I’m not calling”

Fans: “Are you nervous during your first come back stage?”
YS: “Of course~~~”

Fans: “Because of oppa, I quarreled with my mom! All opps’a fault!”
YS: “So….? What am I supposed to do?”

Fans:”Still have yet to receive any reply till now”
YS: “Have not received? My reply is not normal reply.”

Fans:” Marry me~~~~”
YS: “Don’t want…!!! Keke”

Fans: “I hurt my hand too. Give me hospitalization fee.”
YS: “I got no money”

Fans: “Young Saeng ah… How do you feel recently?”
YS: “Just…. Like that… keke”

Fans: “Smile for once on stage, chic guy~”
YS: “Because I’m nervous… Can I smile?”

Fans: “Reply… Seems like I’m not the chosen one”
YS: “You are the chosen one!!!”

Fans:”Oppa, pls call KyungHee once, If u do, u’ll get no.1 for MuBank”
YS:”KyungHee ah~ If I didn’t get no.1, u’ll be responsible for it?”

Fans:”Oppa, come baseball court to play baseball while having a fanmeet. With beer and fried chicken keke”
YS:”Right, beer is a must have!!”

Fans:”You like your fans? Or like your members?”
YS:”You like your mom? Or you like me?”

Fans:”What are you thinking about now? Me?”
YS:”Thinking about what are you all thinking”

Every fans that ask Young Saeng to go their country for event, he all replied with, unless you get me 5000 fans.

Fans: “Oppa, I cried because of you TT_____TT”
YS: “I smile because of you”

Fans: “I saw oppa many times, but oppa should be couldn’t remember me”
YS: “kekekekee I can recognize you if I see your face!!”

Fans: “Heo Young Saeng, bad guy!!! Kekeke”
YS: “You are bad women!!!! Ke”

Fans: “Oppa, tell us about your ideal type”
YS: “My ideal type is… woman!”

Fans: “Oppa, now… What do you wish from fans???”
YS: “Wish… that we will be united as one!! Keke”

Fans: “What can you hear now?”
YS: “My heartbeat? Doesn’t seems to be asking this… “

Fans: “Oppa, let’s go for a baseball game with me!! Friday!”
YS: “I need to go Music Bank”

Fans: “Gong YuJin!! If you call me, you will get No.1 on Music Bank!! Guaranteed!!”
YS: “Liar.”

Fans: “nuna~ fighting!! Just say it once and I won’t eat you”
YS: “Then you just eat me!!”

Fans: “Oppa you are evil, why did you steal my heart!”
YS: “So… bring me to the police station??”

Fans: “When are you coming to Japan again?”
YS: “When you all call for me together!!! I’ll go immediately!!!”

Fans: “Oppa, where are you now?”
YS: “In the office”

Fans:”Hello oppa~~ I’m Hong Kong fan! Let It Go daebak!! Fighting~ I love you!Hurry come to Hong Kong!”
YS:”Go Hong Kong for shopping? Keke”

Fans: “What are you doing after this session end?”
YS: “Going for radio show”

Fans:”Nuna ask what happen to the fats on stomach, what happen?”
YS:”Shed all the fats, shed it all”

Fans: “Please leave a message on your official website”
YS: “I will consider”

Fans:”What’s oppa criteria for replying and not replying?”
YS:”If I see it, I’ll reply, If I didn’t see, I’ll not reply”

Fans:”Where will you go if you have no work schedule?”

Fans:”Just got back from school.. I’ve been studying hard, praise me!!!”
YS: “Praise!!!”

Fans: “Oppa still have schedule after this?”
YS: “I’m a busy person”

Fans: “Oppa, are you good in English?”
YS: “No”

Fans:”Have you thought of coming back as Rock Saeng?”
YS:”Only thought about it in concert?”

Fans: “Oppa, please reply before you leave!”
YS: “501 mansae!!!”


From: mystyleys @ yozm
Chinese translation: princessivy Y’summer @ 水之莲生许永生中文网
English translation: @reena29shadow

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