Sunday, May 15, 2011

[News] Temporarily Put Aside SS501, Heo Young Saeng Solo "LET IT GO"


Following Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min amd Kim Hyung Jun, SS501 member Heo Young Saeng again as a solo singer starts his solo activities.

After a hiatus of 1 year, he released his 1st mini album "LET IT GO" and returned back to the fans side. For the 1st time to come on stage as a solo, in actual fact he is quite pressurized, but Young Saeng still gave a faint smile.

"Feeling stress, not knowing whether can do it till the end. But for the 1st time using my own name, feeling a little nervous standing on the stage, but I still engjoy the feeling."

Having said that, but the debut album's first stop in the process of making the album was produced with the company on behalf of the differences of opinion.

Initially Heo Young Saeng's debut album was supposed to be released in Feb. But in order not to rush but to be careful in the album production, thus the album release was delayed. During the process, Young Saeng had a fierce "war" with the company due to differences in ideas and opinion when accepting and recording of songs.

"I think this is the first SOLO album, I would like to start a new image, while the representatives that the melody is more important. "

"If were to go according to a fixed idea it will not be successful" must breakthrough from the expected, use a dance track as the main title song for his solo released, Heo Young Saeng listened to his company representative advise.

"According to the idea and after confirming the title song, then start to do my best for the dance choregraphy for this song." so that is how the title song "LET IT GO" was emerged. This song can showcase Heo Young Saeng dance of passion. As the main vocalist of SS501, many people believe that Young Saeng title song will definitely showcase his strength in ballad singing, but "LET IT GO" has break those people's thinking. "If asked 10 people, there will be 8 people says that you will be singing ballads, it is because of this, thus we wanna break this this concept which people have, if we dont breakthrough this concept there are no chance of winning.

When Heo Young Saeng was practicing for his dance, his right hand knocked into the mirror of the dance practice room, causing a fracture, which needs 4 weeks to recuperate. Even though his injuries caused the album to be delayed, but Young Saeng still remains optimistic: "With this delayed, in fact it can give me more time to be better prepared."

Although he really miss the times when the 5 members are together, but the 5 together as 1 will be slightly delayed. "Everyone now is with different companies, although we have idea of coming together again, but it is easier said than done. After our solo activities have come to a total end, we will fix it next year to discuss this specific issue."
Source: Sports DongA
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