Saturday, May 14, 2011

[News] Reason why Heo YoungSaeng doesn't appear in entertainment programs? "I am Mysterious"


Heo YoungSaeng from SS501 reveals the reason why we don’t see him on entertainment programs often.

In KBS2TV ‘Happy Together’ broadcasted on 12-May, Heo YoungSaeng explained why he did not attend much of entertainment programs with the other SS501 members.

“That is because I am playing the role of mysteriousness” Heo YoungSaeng started saying “I’m not good in talking”. Therefore the concept he thought for himself is shy prince. In addition, he added “I’m not like this usually”, arousing a round of laughter.

On the question asked by Yoo JaeSuk “What is your original concept?”, Heo YoungSaeng responded “Well, just a chic guy”, making the MCs lost for words. Park MiSeon misheard and asked “Joint pain?” and aroused another round of laughter.


Credits : Newsen
English Translation: xiaochu @

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