Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[News] Park JungMin, Chosen as Model for Cosmetic, Confirms his Hallyu Star Popularity, ‘Honey Skin’ Seduction


Park JungMin, who is the first among SS501 members to return to the scene and starts his activities, has been chosen to be the model for JN Neoteric Cosmetics.

According to JN Neoteric representative who revealed the basis for their selection, “The cosmetic’s concept is on the basis of skin’s healthiness and beauty. Because we are planning to advance into Asia region from this year, we were looking for someone who fits into all these conditions, and among them, we chose Park JungMin because he is actively promoting in Korea as well as in Asia, and has a proven track record of his abilities and popularity.”

Park JungMin finished the poster shooting in a studio located in GangNam on 3-May, showing his good sense, he shared his personal know-hows on taking care of skin, and gained compliments for this. In addition, he also participated in the design of the containers of the cosmetics, showing his attachments for JN Neoteric.

JN Neoteric is a cosmetic that uses stem cell as its culture medium, and is available for purchase via their own homepage as well as open market.

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[News] SS501 Park Jung Min was chosen as cosmetic model, Hallyu star ‘Honey Skin’ temptation

SS501 Park Jung Min was chosen as JN Neoteric cosmetics special model.

On the 11th, JN Neoteric expressed that ‘The concept of cosmetic is based on the skin’s health and shine, and Park Jung Min who planned to visit Asia this year met with this image in all aspect, thus we choose him.’

Park Jung Min also completed the CF shooting in Seoul Gangnam on the 3rd.

JN Neoteric related staff said ‘Park Jung Min usually pays lots of attention to cosmetic. He was chosen as a model this time by chance, he knows how to convey the personal approach to skin management, and also personally involved in cosmetics container design concept, he is very concerned about it.’

JN Neoteric is adopted by stem cell culture medium, a functional cosmetics which makes the skin more healthy and glossy. JN Neoteric can be purchased on its official site ( and online sites (ebay, auction, G Market,


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