Friday, May 6, 2011

[05-05-11] SS501 twitter updates ^^


*KyuJong: @kinolove1124 heehee Blew the candles with all my musical family members!! hee

*KyuJong: Woohehehe~~!!!! Even have photo time today!! Hee Thanks^^

*kinolove1124: @2kjdream ´ë¹Ú!!! @2kjdream Daebak!!!

*KyuJong: Thanks..^^ Really really!!!!

*uh511: @JungMin0403 Is your finger okay~?

*jjjjjin2yo: @kinolove1124 @2kjdream I want Bbororo!! kekeke

*kinolove1124: @2kjdream You also want Bbororo??keke

*eunjinsocial: Going to Thailand? Take care and have a safe trip~~!! ke RT @JungMin0403: Will return safely from the business trip~^^* Sawadikap~~!!’

*JungMin: Will return safely from the business trip~^^* Sawadikap~~!!’

*KyuJong: @kinolove1124 Working hard and having fun at it!!!! heehee

*KyuJong: @kinolove1124 Give me a Childrens Day gift !! heeheehee

*kinolove1124: @2kjdream KyuJong~Is the practice session going well????

*JUNGYEON1023: ¤»¤» RT @HyungJun87: Now decorating the wall dilligently with Mr JungYeon.^^ From HnB Company

*JUNGYEON1023: In the midst of working hard on the contruction.. Representative Jun and Team Leader Soong..Representative Bum and Team Leader Lee who went out for business … Come quickly~Let’s eat dinner together~

*HyungJun: Now decorating the wall dilligently with Mr JungYeon.^^ From HnB Company

*kinolove1124: @2kjdream Yeaap~~KyuJong~~

*jjjjjin2yo: @2kjdream kekekekekeke Hwaiting ke

*Actorjihoon: Packed food from KyuJong’s fans^^
The meat is really delicious^^

*KyuJong: Thank you for the delicious food ^^ !! We ate the delicious food all together~~ Received Childrens Day gift !! So excited~~~~~^^ heehee

*sek0505: @jjjjjin2yo @2kjdream Unnie good ¢¾¢¾¢¾ kekekekeketete

*skullhong: @2kjdream Gift kekeke It’s so funny because it came out as advance payment

*skullhong: @2kjdream Yes kekeke Give me a advance payment
*He mistyped ‘gift’ into advance payment

*jjjjjin2yo: @2kjdream @sek0505 You can just give it to me, drag YoungSaeng in keke

*zakkykim: @2kjdream Kukuku With our style of greeting that we always did~

*KyuJong: @sek0505 Today?!! oh oh happy birthday happy birthday!! Ask for your gift from YoungSaeng hyung!! heeheehee

*sek0505: @2kjdream It’s today kekekeke Thanks^^

*KyuJong: @sek0505 It was your birthday?!!!! Happy birthday!!! I miss everyone~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*JUNGYEON1023: Ah.. Arms pain.. Kamabuntaya Ssingssing run~~ Kim-something who is only just looking behind me, son HyungJun-_-
*erm, sorry I dont know what was it he’s talking about. >_<

*KyuJong: @kinolove1124 Hyung !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*KyuJong: @skullhong Hongki kid~~~~~~~~!!!

*KyuJong: @zakkykim wuss up jump !! Hyung hee Next time when we meet, you know the jump greeting right?!! heeheeheehee

*KyuJong: @HyungJun87 Give me a Childrens Day gift!!

*KyuJong: @frog799 Noona~~~~~~~!!! You have come to Twitter!!!!!! ^^ I am currently practicing for the musical, the weather is really nice!!!! TT Please have an great Childrens Day!!! ^^!!

*zakkykim: @HyungJun87 I want to buy this t-shirt

*HyungJun: Today is Childrens Day ~Let’s spend an enjoyable day with our family!

*sek0505: @mystyle1103 Ohong keke Thank you. I watched the teaser kekekekekeke

*YoungSaeng: @sek0505 keke So it’s your birthday~~ Happy birthday!!!!


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